ALERT Real Time Analyzer

ALERT Real Time Analyzer (RTA) adds new power to your DCX or DCA-60 analyzers ith real-time, four channel simultaneous data acquisition and cross channel capabilities.

ALERT RTA software provides the analyst tools for troubleshooting and access to advanced features offered by the DLI data acquisition hardware. With ALERT RTA, the full capability of simultaneous four channel narrowband data collection is realized. In addition to spectrum and waveform collection for four channels, ALERT RTA provides advanced measurement techniques such as transfer functions, coherence and cross-power spectrum.

Supported data types: • Time Domain (Up to 41 KHz sample rate) • Long Time Capture (Capture events lasting from 6.4 seconds to 3,276.7 seconds, or 54.6 minutes) • Spectra (25,600 maximum lines resolution max frequency range of 16 KHz) • RMS (Overall) • DC • Speed • 1X Amplitude / Phase • Triggered measurements • Time Synchronous Averaging • Transfer Function • Coherence • Cross Power • Envelope Demodulation • Bump Test • Modal Analysis • Export ALERT RTA readings into Universal File Format (UFF) for input into Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) software such as ME Scope

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