SpriteMAX™ Online Monitoring & Diagnostic System

The SpriteMAX™ online monitoring and diagnostic system is designed for automated machine health monitoring.

DLI Watchman® SpriteMaxTM is the culmination of 40 years of vibration analysis experience embodied in a product that is unique in the marketplace. Most online monitoring systems either collect overall vibration data and issue alarms or they send reems of vibration data from the machine to a workstation where someone is expected to analyze it. SpriteMaxTM is unique in that it collects a great deal of complex vibration and process data, analyzes it and comes up with an accurate and concise fault diagnosis right at the machine! The fault diagnosis and a repair recommendation are then made available to the appropriate personnel in a variety of formats depending upon their needs. Complex data may also be distributed to a central site(s) for further analysis if necessary.

SpriteMAX™ is cost effective

SpriteMAX is an independent, modular, powerfully networked online system that remotely monitors, maintains and automatically reports the health of your plant machinery. SpriteMAX technology is based on simplicity, robustness, connectivity and diagnostic intelligence.

  • Low System and Installation Costs
  • Adaptable User Interface
  • Automated Diagnostics
  • Extensive Fault Detection
  • Proactive Alert System


SpriteMaxTM is configured using DLI's ExpertALERTTM software and is therefore compatible with all of DLI's portable data collectors and analyzers. It is OPC DA compatible, meaning it can access information from your control system to aid in its analysis and fault diagnostics. SpriteMaxTM can also output its fault reports in OPC and XML format so that they can be easily integrated into existing control panels or displays. The heart of Sprite is an industrial-class running Windows XP Embedded. Onboard nonvolatile memory capacity ranges from 512 megabytes to several gigabytes. Sprite's billet aluminum enclosure was designed to exceed IP-67. It can be submerged in water, operate at 60 °C (140 °F) and can withstand continuous exposure to vibration of 15 G RMS (0-5 kHz). Its operating system and mass storage utilize the latest in compact flash high-density technology, offering the ruggedness of solid-state memorySprite's standard network interfaces include both a sealed RJ-45 connection to your plant's wired Ethernet and an integral 802.11 wireless network adapter.

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