ALERT Software

Azima DLI’s software products offer proven solutions for machinery condition monitoring, fault analysis and reporting

The Alert family of software products include our flagship software ExpertALERT™ as well as StandardALERT™ and ViewALERT™. These products share most of the same features but have minor differences in diagnostic capabilities to best meet your budget and your specific application.


ExpertALERT™ is the most advanced machinery condition assessment software available on the market today. Advanced analysis tools and Azima DLI 's legendary automated diagnostic system.

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StandardALERT™ is the most economical version of the ALERT Analysis System. It contains all of the manual analysis tools found in ExpertALERT but none of the automated diagnostics.

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ViewALERT™ is a read only version of ExpertALERT. It is appropriate for vibration service clients or those who only wish to view information.

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ALERT Real Time Analyzer™

ALERT RTA™ (Real Time Analyzer) adds new power to your DCX™ or DCA-60 data collectors with real-time, four channel simultaneous data acquisition and cross channel capabilities.

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ALERT Multi-plane Balance™

ALERT Multi-plane Balance™ is a multi-plane, multi-speed balance program that will allow you to balance simple or complex machinery using the TRIO™, DCX™ and DCA-60™ data collectors.

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