TRIO Models & Options

NEW TRIO™ 8-Series CX8/CA8

Durable, powerful, and lightweight, the new TRIO™ 8-Series vibration data collectors feature a thin 10” tablet controller giving users more visible area while in the field. The CX8 and CA8 series of vibration data collectors and diagnostic instruments are durable with an IP-52 environmental rating. These controllers offer tremendous portability while still maintaining a durable standard expected in today’s industrial environments.

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NEW TRIO™ 10-Series CX10/CA10

TRIO™ CX10 and CA10 provide a rugged 10” tablet that is up to the demands of harsh industrial environments. The TRIO CX10 and CA10 vibration data collectors and diagnostic instruments are lightweight at just 2.9 pounds and just 1.2 inches thick but are rugged enough for your IP-65 rated environments and have stringent MIL-STD-810G standards for protection against dust, water, vibration, drops, extreme temperatures and varying altitudes.

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TRIO™ CX7-Diagnostic Data Collector / Analyzer

The CX7 is our most powerful TRIO vibration data collector / analyzer built on a rugged industrial tablet PC, 7″ wide format screen, Windows® 7 Ultimate, embedded ExpertALERT™, automated machine diagnostics and data acquisition hardware. No host system required.

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TRIO™ CA6-Vibration Data Collector/Analyzer

The CA6 is our mid-range vibration data collector/analyzer that integrates with Azima DLI’s ExpertALERT™ or Standard ALERT™ software. It is built on a rugged industrial tablet PC, 7″ wide format screen, Windows® 7 Ultimate and includes advanced vibration analysis capabilities.

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TRIO™ Carrying Options

TRIO offers a variety of configuration options that allow you work most efficiently. Depending on your specific use model, you can wear it, carry it or sling it over your shoulder.


The TRIO utility belt option allows you to carry your complete TRIO system on your belt. This option provides greater safety and convenience while the in the plant. Coupled with the Voice Command Acquisition feature of TRIO system, use becomes largely hands-free. The utility belt is constructed of durable nylon and includes a belt, belt holsters for the TRIO controller, data processing unit, laser tachometer and triaxial sensor and a tool pouch.


The shoulder-worn soft pack offers a convenient, all-in-one case with a removable cover flap and external tool pouch. The soft pack includes an internal organizer to keep each TRIO component in its place. The soft pack will contain the TRIO controller, data acquisition unit, laser tachometer and triaxial sensor.


The casual fit option follows more of the traditional vibration data collector model. The TRIO controller is worn by a comfortable shoulder strap that may be attached to any of its four corners. The data acquisition module and sensor are carried on a convenient and comfortable belt-holster assembly


The hard case is included with each TRIO purchase. It provides superior protection for TRIO components for shipping or storage. It has removable interior foam allowing the hard case to be repurposed to carry TRIO or other tools and supplies that you take into the field.

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